The Justice Hub

IBJ rescues people ensnared in broken justice systems though a unique combination of on-the-ground legal aid and high-level advocacy. Over the past 15 years IBJ has trained 20,000 lawyers and instructed 2 million others via e-learning courses (our Criminal Defense Wiki receives 1 million views a year).

The impact has been extraordinary. By providing early access to counsel and rights-information campaigns, IBJ helps ensure that people’s rights are upheld with less chance of being abused in detention. IBJ has emerged as a linchpin actor to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16 on “Access to Justice.”

At the heart of the IBJ process is the Justice Hub. It is a secure, online platform that enables defenders to interact and learn from each other, as well as bring together disparate groups in the legal system: bar associations, law firms, legal academics and ministries of justice.

Creating a network of connections in this way helps build a public justice system with integrity, fairness and sustainability. The Justice Hub is a “force multiplier” for IBJ’s activities at the courthouse level and with government officials.

But being a resource requires resources. The hub evolved over time and now requires an upgrade. It needs new technical underpinnings and more features to scale up and serve the justice community better. IBJ seeks $2 million to revamp the technology, add more legal training content and to reach deeper into defender communities worldwide.