JusticeHub is a movement to implement access to justice for the world’s most vulnerable.

Take courage. Join now and together we can make the impossible possible.

About JusticeHub

About the Exchange

The goal of this exchange is to increase the pace of social and environmental change by making solutions more readily available to practitioners across the world. As practitioners share the components of their solutions (what we call "building blocks"), we hope that other practitioners will feel inspired to re-purpose those building blocks for an entirely different challenge.

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Conduct pro-bono research, develop e-Learning content, connect to lawyers in developing countries, run webinars and be a mentor.


Collaborate on rights awareness, engage with fundraising projects, be part of a movement – make history.


View live needs and priorities worldwide, finance projects, make calls for proposals, assess greatest potential for impact

Bar associations

Partner on training events, advise and accredit e-Learning modules, collaborate on bar professional development and connect to other bar associations.

Religious leaders

Preach on access to justice, raise awareness in your local community and pray for the movement.


Highlight national needs/priorities, collaborate and advise on projects, ensure implementation of national rules and laws.


Lead student pro-bono projects, partner with law firms and other universities, collaborate on resource development for rights defenders, contribute academic analysis and research.


Create dynamic innovative CSR programmes, bring new transferrable skills to your workforce.